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Company Info

The name of our company is inspired by the story in a widely read book called “ A Message to Garcia”. Rowan, charged with delivering a critical message to Garcia, a leader of Cuban rebel forces during Spanish American War, finally fulfilled the mission successfully with strong initiative and responsibility. Facing such difficult mission, he just did it without asking idiotic questions, complaining or hedging. The enduring spirit shown in “A Message to Garcia” also encourages us profoundly. As a sourcing company, we are often charged with important sourcing projects from overseas clients, just like the critical message to Garcia. No matter how difficult the project is, we shall perform the tasks with the spirit in “A Message to Garcia”. The name Garcia always reminds us working with strong initiative and responsibility, which is also wanted for global buyers. That is why our company is called “Garcia Sourcing Co.,Ltd”

Garcia, Your Reliable Partner in China!