About us

While China manufacturers are obsessing about finding international clients, overseas merchandisers are also perplexed at looking for suitable factories. B2B platforms solve part of problems, but not all. Since thousands of suppliers including trading companies are displaying products on B2B website, it is a troublesome job by itself to filter good ones from bad ones. And moreover, many international merchandisers blame that it is difficult to communicate with factories, especially small ones, which is time-consuming and easily causes misunderstanding in sample development and mass production. Consequently, economic loss is unavoidable.

Garcia Sourcing Co.Limited is a professional sourcing company based in Qufu (hometown of Confucius), which is specialized in wood and stainless steel kitchenware and homeware. With our professional knowledge in China markets and excellent communication skill, your international clients will get most satisfying products within least time. We will be your ideal partner in China.

Why Choose Garcia Sourcing?

  • Smooth Communication

Our employees have good education background, have good command of English, and have rich experience in international trade, which results in easy and efficient communication between merchandiser and us. Moreover, we speak Chinese better than international clients, which makes us convey thought of clients to factory easily.

  • Deep Understanding of China Market

We have 10 years of sourcing experience in China. We clearly know the industrial belt of specific product throughout China, where the production cost is low due to mature industrial chain

  • Time & Cost-Saving Procurement Cycle

Before sending sample abroad, we as your branch office in China, review and confirm sample developed by factory. If sample has problems, we hold it and ask factory to solve all the problems before sending again. This saves much shipping time and expensive shipping cost for international clients.

  • Reliable Third-Party Inspection

Factories are inclined to conceal problems after mass production, as they are afraid of facing problems and losing money. If mass products with problems are directly shipped abroad, it will cause huge economic loss for international clients. We, as a third-party, inspect each shipment before leaving factory. If the finished products meet the AQL (namely “Acceptance Quality Level”), we make balance payment; if the finished products fail to meet the AQL, we point out problems and coordinate with factory to solve problems. Only after all the problems are cleared, balance payment will be made, which reduces economic risk for you. Moreover, it is more time & cost saving than you travelling to China for inspection.

  • Economic Consolidated Shipping

We collect mass products from different factories to ship together. With larger amount of cargo, we could get better price from forwarder, which saves shipping cost for your international clients.

Moreover, consolidation makes more convenient for you to clear custom at destination port.

  • Worry-free After-Sale Service

We pay attention to long-term cooperation with all the international clients. Even problems have been found after mass products reach warehouse of international clients, we are responsible to help solve problems together with clients.

Now contact us and have an easy and reliable buy from China!