Three-sided Table Tent

portfolio details

  • Project Date: 12.5.2013

  • Project Budget:6 ,800 USD


    This three-sided table tent is very popular in US market. When our US client asked us to source it, we found the magnets from factory of three-sided table tent could not meet our need. The magnetism was not strong enough, which would cause the flap get loose during usage. And factory could not offer other magnets. Thus, we decided to help client to source the most suitable magnet. We took measures in two ways. At one side, we did research about the magnet on-line and got to know more professional knowledge about magnet; at the other side, we contacted more magnet supplier to know more live and latest knowledge about magnet and choose right magnet type and size. Finally, we chose NdFeB magnet in 12*2.5mm size and collected magnet samples from different supplier. Through testing, we finally got the right round magnet for our client and passed the final testing of our US client.

    From this project, we also won the trust of our client. We did not give up the project easily just because of the difficulty. What we did is to think positively and take positive measures to crack the problems.

    Now each year, our US client re-orders the three-sided table tents again and again.